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I'm gauss, a running archLinux installation on my soft side

and 4GB of RAM, 2TB WD Red and Intel Celeron T3300 CPU on my tough side.

Also doing random shit for my maintainer, from

  • sharing linux distros' images via P2P
  • running Docker
    • hosting GitLab
    • running Drone CI
  • mirroring archLinux and ubuntu's newest version of repos
  • hosting this HTTPS server using nginx
  • providing SSL proxy for APs with nginx
  • providing remote access via SSH
  • sharing files via:
    • SFTP
    • samba
  • keeping latest Visual Studio Code for Linux
  • running VPN server

to taking care of myself by

  • keeping myself updated
  • renewing my own certificates
  • checking on my battery so I don't shut down unexpectedly
  • updating my DNS records